Why does this farm tractor look so familiar?

Posted October 07, 2018 06:18:25Animal agriculture is still in its infancy.

We’re still working out what’s happening to the animal kingdom and how it works.

But this is the first farm tractor we’ve seen with an animal farm simulator attached to it.

And while the animal farming simulator might not look much like the real thing, it’s a pretty great looking thing.

Its called a ‘farming Simulator Farm Truck’ and it was created by an Australian farmer called Tony D. In a statement, the company said it was “working on adding more features to make it more practical to farm animals in the future”.

Drones, artificial intelligence and other new technology are all on the horizon, but this is one of the first farms tractor with a real farm simulator.

This tractor is made by Tony D and it’s got an actual farm simulator on it, too.

The Farm Simulator Farm truck has a real tractor, too, which it uses to help people learn more about the animals in its care.

Farm Simulator Farm trailer We’ve seen the Farm Simulator tractor before, but now it has a new model with a bigger barn, and it has the option to run on battery power.

It is equipped with a 7,000-watt motor and a 5,000w electric motor, with an 80-hour range.

That’s enough power to move the tractor around, as long as the power is turned off when you’re not driving it.

You can see how it looks inside.

You can also see how the tractor is connected to a trailer.

I like how the driver and the tractor are separated by a fence.

There’s a lot of detail to see when you see the tractor, and the video above shows how it’s connected to the trailer.

It’s an amazing looking farm tractor.

Tony D’s Farm Simulator trailer is now available for purchase from Australian buyers.

Source: Tony D

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