How to get to the body farm (Briermere Farms)

The body farm is one of the most iconic landmarks in the West Australian landscape.

Built in the late 19th century, it is still the only intact body farm in Australia and the only body farm on land that is owned by the state government.

The land is one that is used for both grazing and processing, and is managed by a private landowner.

A group of farmers have taken the body farms management and have decided to build a farm to harvest body parts.

“This farm is our way of saying thank you to our past,” said a statement from the group, which also includes farmers including Chris, Chris’s wife, and David.

We’re going to be harvesting bodies for our next festival, we’re doing it for the people of the world who are waiting for a body farm.

We want to make a difference for people in this state and we are going to do it in the best way possible.

“The farmers have already harvested body parts for the local community, but the body farmers are now taking the decision to sell their bodies.

According to the statement, the body farming will also be an opportunity to “celebrate the beauty of our state and its people”.

The body farmers claim they are the first to be able to harvest bodies in the Western Australian state and that they plan to continue harvesting bodies on the farm.

But the body farmer’s plan is not without controversy, with the farmers claiming that the bodies are “a sacred and sacred site for many Aboriginal communities”.

A number of groups have already taken to social media to voice their concerns about the body-farm project, with many calling on the farmers to return the bodies to their communities.

While the bodies can be used to make medicine, and even to sell the farm’s raw produce, the farm is not the only thing that the body owners plan to harvest for their next festival.

Many of the farm members plan to stay on the land, and will be donating their bodies to a hospital for transplantation. “

Our plan is to have a holistic experience of the natural world, not just a pharmaceutical and biotechnological one,” the statement reads.

Many of the farm members plan to stay on the land, and will be donating their bodies to a hospital for transplantation.

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