A young couple’s farmhouse, a new home and the birth of a child

A family in northern Minnesota is looking forward to starting a new life with their small home.

Simmons Farm is a tiny, five-bedroom house that has a barn, an extension and a shed.

The house is owned by the family of former state Rep. Chris Simmons, and the family is selling it this spring to raise money to buy a home.

The house was originally purchased in 2004 by Simmons and his wife, Amanda, for $1,500, and it has a kitchen, living room, dining room and living room patio.

But it was recently sold for $5,000, and all the rest of the house has been renovated.

The only difference is that the living room is now a dining room, and a two-car garage has been added to the house.

The family’s new home is located in the state’s most rural county of Monroe County.

The Simmonss purchased the house in 2004, and have lived in the house since.

They have two kids, a 13-year-old son and a 15-year and 6-year old daughter.

It was originally owned by Simmons’ father, Chris, who died in January 2018.

Chris Simmons told the Star Tribune the house is a great asset to his family, but he does have a few things to consider.

It will cost about $4,500 to purchase the house, which includes renovations and other costs.

That’s about $300 less than the average price of a home in the county, he said.

A few days ago, the family visited the home.

They wanted to make sure the house was comfortable and safe, but it was, and they’re excited about the new home.

The family is going to be moving in soon, and Amanda Simmons told The Lad that they’re going to move in as soon as possible.

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