How to Save an Animal Farm from Fear Farm

By Mark WeisbrotMarch 21, 2020 8:17:48When the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) first started promoting its own anti-fear farm documentary film, “The Fence,” the public reaction was positive.

The film was a rare opportunity to see how the humane society views the threat posed by the farm industry.

It also brought awareness to the reality of animal agriculture, a situation that has been growing exponentially over the last decade.

The HSI, however, saw its chances of success diminish as more and more animal cruelty and cruelty-related legislation was enacted.

The organization now sees its mission as one of eradicating fear and cruelty, a task that will take more than just more animal rights groups and more awareness about the impact of the industry on our natural resources.

The most recent legislation to curb the growth of the farm and its use in cruelty-prone farming is H.R. 959, which was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on March 13.

This bill, dubbed “the Farm Bill,” seeks to prevent the slaughter of wild, wild-caught and domestic animals and the cruel practices associated with it.

The farm bill’s companion bill, H.J. Res.

13, is a measure to reduce the use of animal feed and agricultural chemicals.

These bills, and the new legislation being proposed by Congress, will help to curb and eliminate the threat of farm cruelty.

The new legislation is called the Farm Security Act of 2017, or FSAA.

The legislation, which is being pushed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), has the support of over 50 members of Congress, but it still needs to make its way through the Senate, where it is likely to be defeated.

If passed, this legislation would prohibit the sale of live animal products, such as dairy and egg products, as well as the sale and trade of any product that includes an animal by name, breed, or age.

While this bill is aimed at ending animal cruelty, the HSI and other animal rights organizations, which include the Humane League of the U:S.A., and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, have argued that it will also help to make our environment less dangerous, reduce food waste, and increase food production.

The Farm Bill is also a major step toward ending the practice of “fence farming,” which involves the raising and killing of animals by using fences.

The term “fenced-in” is a reference to the fences that are constructed around farms, and fences are not considered “fencing” by most people.

Instead, they are referred to as “garden walls” because they are made to house plants and animals.

The purpose of fencing is to protect the natural environment from animal predators and pathogens, to prevent them from destroying valuable crops and to prevent other animals from being hurt.

This system has been in place for hundreds of years.

The fencing that is currently in place is often used as a form of control, as it restricts movement between different locations on the property.

The Humane Society also supports the use or use of fencing as a method of controlling animals, as long as the animals are confined to a small space that can only be used as an animal pen or for the specific purpose of protecting the environment.

The use of fences also helps to prevent animals from wandering onto private property, which the HSE and other organizations contend contributes to the growth and spread of wildlife-resistant crops.

Fencing can also be a tool of intimidation, as a number of individuals, including some members of the American public, have called for the fencing to be abolished.

These efforts have been met with fierce opposition from the livestock industry, and it has also been argued that the fencing creates an unsafe environment for the animals and for the environment on which they live.

The National Fence Coalition is an advocacy group that works to prevent animal cruelty in the U,S.

and around the world.

The coalition has a history of fighting against fences, and they have a long track record of success.

In 2001, the coalition filed a lawsuit against the state of Iowa to stop the implementation of the Iowa Farm Bill, a law that prohibited the fence-building practice, claiming that the bill is “inhumane, unwise and unnecessary.”

The coalition filed the suit because the Iowa bill was the first of many similar bills in the country that were passed to increase the use and enforcement of the law against the animal-cruel practices that the HSUS opposes.

Today, the HSU and the coalition have successfully fought against hundreds of bills and initiatives across the country.

However, in 2018, the U!


Supreme Court issued a ruling that limited the HSus’ ability to challenge the fencing laws, and so the HSuses ability to use the courts to block the fencing is limited to those laws that are challenged in federal court.

The HSus will continue to fight the fencing bills and other anti

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