Why you should love Abmas Farm

Farm owners Abmas and his wife Annabelle Abmas are doing something for the community that they can’t do in their own backyard.

The couple has built a house on the edge of their Abmas farm and has put a bunch of tools and toolsing on the property.

They’re using a machine to carve a wooden door that looks like it belongs in their home, and have installed a few other things on the farm.

The Abmas family is making it work, too.

In a video that has been shared on the Abmas’ Facebook page, Annabelles husband shows off his new farm house.

In the video, he says the family has built the farmhouse so that they could live there, work and play, without the need to drive or do anything.

The family says they have been able to take advantage of a lack of sunlight in the northern part of the state and a lack to use their tractor to transport their hay to the farm, which they can only use by truck.

So far, the family’s efforts to make the farm a home have paid off, and they’ve grown their farm to the point that they’ve sold it.

The video has been viewed more than 13,000 times and the couple says they’re still working on the details and how they will continue to make this farm work.

The farm is a collaboration between the Abams and a couple from Maine who have been working together for the past five years.

The plan is to build a small cabin and house with some tools for their kids and a shed to house tools and supplies for the family.

Annabelle says it’s not just about the farm that she’s building.

The house is the first step to making it their own and she says the couple is going to be a very proud owner.

“This is not something that I do for the money, but I do it because it’s fun,” she said.

“It’s just like having the freedom to live in this place, and I can’t imagine having any other life in this state.”

Development Is Supported By

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