Why Yesterland Farms was burned by a wildfire

When the wind blows from the north, the river begins to flow.

The land in Yesterlands is a lush, grassy area, a place where people come to live and work.

It’s a place of hope, of work, of family and community.

But on May 1, the wind changed the life of a small community in rural Montana.

The wind was blowing south from the Rockies, and a fire was raging across the landscape.

At the same time, a massive blaze had broken out at the Yesterling farm, the largest and most productive cattle ranch in the world.

The wind that came from the North was strong, but it was not strong enough to blow the entire Yesterlander ranch, as its name implies.

So, the owners of Yesterlanders Farmhouse, a large ranch with a 1,600-acre (700-hectare) land base in the remote Yesterlin, Montana, had to turn to the water.

The water from the river was helping keep the fires under control, but the wind was still strong.

At some point between the time the fire started and the time that the Yielders decided to evacuate, the winds shifted, and the fire was suddenly out of control.

The fire had grown to about 100 acres, and by the time it was contained, it had already consumed about 500 hectares (1,400 acres).

It was a disaster.

But that wasn’t all.

The Yielder’s own livestock, which were the foundation of their livelihood, were destroyed.

The Yieldes were one of the most successful cattle ranch owners in the United States, and for years they had enjoyed good relationships with the government, as well as good relations with farmers and ranchers around the world, according to the Yielding website.

“The Yielding is proud to be a part of this historic moment and to have served the people of Yields,” said Bob Yield, Yield’s grandson.

“When we got the call, we just knew that we had to go,” said Yield.

“We didn’t want to stay.”

For the past two years, Yielding has been fighting to save the farm.

In the last two years alone, the Yesters have worked with the U.S. Forest Service to save about 30,000 acres (11,300 hectares), and they are working with the Montana Department of Transportation to save a further 8,000 hectares (20,700 hectares).

For more than two years now, the farm has been at the heart of a legal battle between the U of M, the state of Montana and Yield owners.

The owners say that the state is violating the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Forest Service’s rules by not adequately protecting their property.

In 2016, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia found that the EPA had no jurisdiction over the Yems and that the Forest Protection Agency of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) had jurisdiction over Yield Farms.

The ruling was an important victory for the Yenders, who argue that the US government has no legal authority to interfere with their property rights, and that it has no right to interfere in their own legal process.

For the Ys, the ruling was especially important.

For years, the farmers and their lawyers have been trying to get a hearing to hear their case in court, and this year, a hearing was scheduled to begin in October, but in the meantime, they have been working hard to prepare for the appeal.

The case has been the focus of a lot of research and research, and it has been a really hard, exhausting and very lonely case.

We’re doing our best, to be honest with you, to try to convince the court, to convince our clients and the court to hear us, and I think we’ve done that.

In this case, the judge in the appeals court said that the case should be appealed to the US Supreme Court, and if that were to happen, the case would be brought to the Supreme Court.

We’re going to try, as hard as we can, to make it as close to a decision as possible, said Bob.

The court heard arguments in the case on April 30, and at this point, they are not ruling on whether the case will be taken to the U – Supreme Court or whether they will take the case to the Court of Federal Claims.

The US Supreme has already said that it will take a decision on the appeal within the next month, but if the case gets to the next level, there could be some uncertainty.

For Bob, it has become a lot more complicated than it has to be.

He has to work with his lawyers to make sure that the farm gets the attention it needs.

He’s also got to make a decision about the people who live and live in Yield and the people in the Yes who have worked hard for this farm

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