The World Is Flat

A couple of weeks ago, the World is Flat Twitter account posted a tweet that read: “I’m so happy I live on a farm in Briermere.

I’ve had some amazing moments and I love it!”

The tweet has since been deleted, but the post remains.

The tweet also contained a link to the website, which appears to be a website for people who live in Briersmere and would like to see their favourite places in the UK.

A screenshot of the site shows a map with a red circle, with Briersmeadow, Briermeadow Farm and the Royal Brier on the left and the Brier Meadow farm on the right.

It’s not immediately clear if the location is Briersmarket, Briers Farm, the Briers Meadow or even Briers Market, which is part of the Royal Agricultural College of Wales.

A Twitter account linked to the farm also shows a farm with a sign saying it was owned by the RACW.

A statement from the RACP said: “We are proud to have been chosen as the official UK trade union representative for the Bierscombe and Briers Meadows farm.”

The RACP also says it “will continue to support the rights of all working people in the country”.

Briersmoor is a popular spot for people to go for a run, but many locals also prefer to visit nearby Briers Mills, which has its own farm.

The Royal Briers Farms and Brier Mills were named among the UK’s most influential farming families in a report published by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills earlier this year.

The report said Briermoor was a place where people were able to see “the fruits of the labour of others”, where “their hard work, passion and hard work” could “benefit society”.

It said this was a “model of how to work together to create good jobs”.

“We will work together in our capacity as members of the RAA to promote sustainable, sustainable agriculture and to ensure our agricultural products are good for the environment,” the RAAF said.

Briermaire, the RWA, the Farmers and Farmers Associations and other farmers’ groups also have an annual festival in the area, the Farmland Show, which celebrates the importance of land.

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