Why does the US want to stop growing industrial hemp?

On June 4, the Trump administration will formally unveil a sweeping regulatory overhaul that will affect a wide range of industries including the construction industry, the food and beverage industry, and agriculture.

The move, which is expected to affect nearly 3 million people, is expected be a boon for those in the industrial hemp industry. 

The US is expected to lift restrictions on industrial hemp, a crop that is often grown for food, medicine and biofuel.

The change is the first step in a broader regulatory overhaul, which aims to curb the production of synthetic drugs, tobacco and marijuana. 

In June, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of a petition filed by the US Hemp Industries Association (HIA), the industry’s lobbying arm. 

“This historic ruling in favor of HIA and the hemp industry is an important step forward to the re-entry of hemp in the United States,” said Mark St. Clair, president of the Hemp Industries and Trade Association (HEATA), a lobbying group representing the hemp crop.

“Hemp is the most versatile crop on the planet, and we must make the transition to a more sustainable and economically viable economy for all Americans.”

Industrial hemp has been a thorn in the side of the US government since its inception in 1933, when farmers first began cultivating it in the Great Plains.

The plant was eventually designated as a drug under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which made it a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

The DEA has said the drug has the potential to cause long-term negative health effects.

The Department of Justice in 2015 issued a final rule setting the hemp’s classification as a Schedule 2 controlled substance, meaning it has the same potential to become a dangerous drug as heroin.

The new rule, which was announced in March, includes provisions for the DEA to implement additional enforcement measures to combat the growing of industrial hemp on public lands, including in the state of Colorado, the state which has been the epicenter of the hemp movement in the US. 

States and counties have the option of rejecting industrial hemp growing on their lands, and in 2017, the DEA approved an application by Colorado to grow industrial hemp in its public lands. 

Hemp farmers have also applied for a federal grant to help expand their operations. 

This past January, the Farm Bureau issued a statement claiming that “the cannabis industry is growing like wildfire and this is why we are making the transition.” 

In April, the Agriculture Department issued a report calling for the federal government to support the hemp industry, as the new administration announced a $1.8 billion investment in the plant. 

Industrial Hemp in the US has grown from a few hundred acres in 1933 to more than 6.6 million acres today, according to a study by the University of Colorado Mann Center for Agriculture Policy and Technology (CAMPET). 

The industry is currently worth over $3.6 billion, according to the US Department of Agriculture. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a manufactured plant is considered to be one that has been grown on an industrial scale.

The USDA also said that the industry has a significant contributing to national security because of its economic potential, its potential for creating jobs, and its potential for protecting human health. 

A recent study by CAMPESightline, a research and education organization in Washington DC, found that industrial hemp was one of the most promising potential products to emerge from the industrial hemp movement. 

Campside with a pepper idge farm is the latest production from the peppersidge farm in the Colorado Rockies. 

Betsy and Dan St. Clairs farm the farm on Pepperidge Farm in Peoria, Colorado. 

With the Peel State Agriculture Department requesting $1 billion in grants to help expand its hemp operations, Peoria State is now requested to increase its allotment of industrial hemp from 300 acres to more than 1,000 acres.

The Peersidge Farm produces and sells Peppersidge Farm and Peppersidge Farms Pepsi, Protein, GMO and more.

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