How wine grapes get their flavor from their soil

Farmer boys in France use small-scale vineyards to make wine. 

It takes them months to get their grapes ready for harvest, and they do this by carefully hand picking the grapes on their own vines. 

These farmers are the first to use organic farming methods, and these techniques are proving effective in making wine.

The grapes are grown in a closed system, so the vines don’t have access to air, water, nutrients or oxygen. 

The grapes are then allowed to grow naturally for about eight months, during which time they’re left to do their own thing. 

When they’re ready, they’re packed into wooden crates and transported to vineyards for aging. 

Some of these farms use soil-based methods, but most use a combination of organic farming techniques and traditional vineyard techniques.

The most important ingredient for the wine grapes, however, is the soil.

These are the grapes grown in an organic environment. 

Grapeyards are not just a small-time hobby for these farmers.

They make millions of dollars annually from the grapes they sell.

They also own the entire grapegrowing process. 

I asked my farmer to give me a tour of one of these small-farm farms, where he explains the process to me. 

“When we harvest the grapes, we first take a large sample of the soil, and then we take some of the grapes off the vines,” says Daniel, the father of two of the boys.

“We have a lot of soil in the fields, and the soil is very, very old.

So, we have to bring the grapes back to the farm and we take them back to a laboratory to analyze the soil.” 

The results of this analysis are then sent to the lab to determine the quality of the wine.

It’s important to note that these are not pure grapes.

There are some small differences between different types of grapes, but the average grape is good enough for most people.

“In this case, the soil was good, the grapes were good, and it was a good product,” Daniel explains. 

How do farmers make wine?

Farmers use a variety of methods to produce their wines. 

In France, these include the use of vines in closed systems, organic methods, as well as the use and distribution of chemicals that are added to the soil to improve the quality. 

To learn more about the process of wine making, I visited the small-holder wine farms of the French regions of L’Andalle and Saint-Lazare. 

(Photos courtesy of Daniele De Sartorio.)

I met a young boy named Hugo who was growing grapes in his father’s vineyard. 

Hugo and his family are very close and are very happy to have the grapeyard as their home. 

He tells me that they enjoy producing their own wine, and that it helps them grow up in a good environment.

“I am very happy with my father’s grapeyards,” Hugo says. 

What are some of your favorite wines from these small farms? 

I love to try wine from the vineyards of small farmers, and I like to travel to their vineyards. 

For example, I tried the wine from one of my favorite small wine farms in the L’andalle region of France.

It is a nice, refreshing wine made from grapes grown under organic conditions. 

A recent tasting of the Château Déjà (also called the “Chateau de Diable” in France) in Saint-Louis, Quebec, Canada was very satisfying. 

Many of the wines that I tasted were aged in oak casks, and were a little bit different than what I was used to. 

 I have tasted a few other small vineyards, and most of them use a mix of organic and traditional techniques. 

So, which is the best option for me? 

Well, I really like small-crop farming, but I also enjoy visiting the vineyard of small-acre farmers and enjoying the wine made there. 

This is the perfect time to explore the growing techniques of small producers. 

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