How to grow industrial hemp without damaging the environment

Wind farms can be huge, but they can also be the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

But with more wind farms in the pipeline, some states are moving forward with a legal plan to phase out the industrial hemp industry altogether.

“Industrial hemp is one of the most significant sources of greenhouse gases for the United States,” said Tom Kloza, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity.

“We need to put a stop to it.”

Hemp is the third-most-used crop in the United State, but its production and use are often banned in some states.

Now, advocates in several states are proposing legal efforts to stop the growth of industrial hemp farms.

But while some states have already banned industrial hemp, the federal government is still moving forward, and hemp production is currently legal in several other states.

The first hemp farming operation to legally operate in California, for instance, was shut down by federal authorities in 2015.

And in December, the United Kingdom legalized hemp production, but only for a limited period of time.

A federal judge in California said the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Justice had “failed to comply with its obligation under the Farm Bill to regulate hemp and other plants, including industrial hemp.”

However, that ruling didn’t stop a federal appeals court from holding that hemp farmers must follow a “legal framework” that will ensure hemp is grown legally in the U, the New York Times reported.

The Obama administration has also indicated that it plans to continue its ban on industrial hemp production.

However, many farmers are skeptical of the federal proposal.

“This is not an industry that’s in my backyard,” said Kevin Baughman, president of the Southern California Hemp Association.

“I know hemp farmers, but I’m not familiar with them.”

A petition calling for the federal ban on hemp cultivation has more than 1.5 million signatures.

“The Obama administration is making it clear that it’s going to continue to take away the freedom of American farmers and producers to grow hemp, even if it means banning the most valuable crop in our country,” Baughmen said.

The petition’s website includes a link to a petition urging the Trump administration to take a “stronger stance on hemp production and importation.”

The petition was set up by the American Farm Bureau Federation, which has been fighting the federal prohibition on industrial cannabis since at least 2014.

“Hemp is the most versatile plant on the planet,” said Mikey Weinstein, the federation’s legislative director.

“You can grow it in different places around the country, in different states.

That’s the most important thing.”

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