How George George Farmer died, his family and the family of his adopted son

GEORGE GEORGE FARMER, a pioneer in the world of farming, died on Friday at the age of 81.

Farmer was the son of a former Kentucky state legislator who served as Kentucky’s governor from 1932 to 1948.

Farmer’s eldest son, George Farmer III, served as his secretary in the Kentucky State Senate from 1948 to 1956.

Farmer III died in Kentucky in February of this year at the young age of 82.

Farmer had been hospitalized with pneumonia for a month.

The cause of death was not disclosed.

He was a father of five, including two daughters.

He grew up in Kentucky, his father’s home state, and attended the University of Kentucky.

He is survived by his wife, Nancy; two sons, George Jr. and Donald; and five grandchildren.

The family of Farmer was a small, hardworking family.

He grew up poor in Kentucky and never graduated from high school.

In a brief interview with the Courier-Journal in 2008, Farmer said he was raised on the farm with “two moms, one dad and a grandpa” and that he was “a very hardworking, hard-working kid.”

The Courier-Review said he had been “one of the most humble people I’ve ever met.”

Farmer served in the Senate from 1932 until the state legislature abolished slavery in 1837.

Farmer also served as a U.S. senator for Kentucky from 1951 to 1953 and was elected governor from 1953 to 1957.

When Farmer died he was 81.

This is the second time in two decades that Farmer has died.

In February 2018, Farmer’s son, Donald Farmer, passed away in New York at age 90.

For more than 50 years, Farmer, who was born in 1858 in Kentucky to a former state legislator and his wife (who he married in 1931), worked on land that was part of the state’s farm and ranch system.

Farmer helped develop the Kentucky agricultural system, which he helped pioneer.

During the war years, he was a fighter pilot for the U.K. Air Force.

Farmer, however, also ran for office as a Democrat in 1932.

Farmer lost the race to Republican U. S. Senator David Durenberger.

Farmer then was elected to the U and served as the Kentucky governor until 1958.

While in office, Farmer oversaw the implementation of the first state-run farm cooperatives.

Farmer also served on the Kentucky Senate for five terms.

Farmer became a U-S president in 1963, becoming the first African-American U. s president.

As a state legislator, Farmer helped pass a variety of bills including the state constitution, the state government and the Kentucky Agricultural Bank Act.

Farmer served on several other committees and had the highest number of co-sponsors of any legislator in the state history.

His name has been used to commemorate several different Kentucky agricultural projects.

Kentucky has had a rich history of farmers and farms.

From the early 19th century, farmers built roads and railways to supply markets throughout the state.

The Great Depression and World War II were major economic downturns for the state that impacted agriculture and helped shape the state of Kentucky into what it is today.

After World War I, farmers began planting corn, wheat, sugar beets and other crops that would become staple foods for the rest of the country.

After World War 2, farmers expanded their operations in order to make the U-boat trade, which was essential for the country’s survival.

More than 100,000 Kentucky cattle, sheep, horses, turkeys and chickens were shipped to the United States in the late 1940s.

By the 1950s, Kentucky was a major producer of meat, dairy and eggs, along with corn, cotton, citrus and other produce.

With the U S entry into World War Two, the U of S began expanding its beef industry, expanding production and expanding markets.

Farmers also saw a major impact on the U’s national economy.

The U.s economy was once the second-largest in the country after the U, and farmers helped create an enormous amount of jobs in the Great Depression.

“When farmers were able to bring in money through a new industry, they would also be able to provide jobs,” said David J. Loughlin, a professor at the University at Louisville.

Before he took office, Gov.

Bill Hartsfield and other governors began promoting the Kentucky Agriculture and Rural Development Agency as a way to increase employment and farm income.

Farmer received the first of two honorary degrees from the state in the early 1960s.

Farmer went on to be a member of the Kentucky Legislative Committee on Agriculture and Economic Development, which developed Kentucky’s Farm Bureau Act of 1957.

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