How to make a burger at Hillshire Farms

The Hillshire Farm burger is one of the most famous burgers in America.

It’s been the subject of endless comparisons with other classic burgers, like the McRib.

It was also once a hotbed for debate over whether the burger itself was a vegetarian, and the answer is yes.

The burgers served at Hillsea Farms are not, in fact, a vegetarian burger, according to Hillshire’s website.

The burger is made with beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, and other ingredients sourced from a variety of local farms.

But Hillshire claims the burger is a “healthy option” to offer at a local restaurant.

Hillshire is also a proponent of vegan options, as its cows are fed a plant-based diet.

But the burger’s creator, Paul Hill, told ABC News he doesn’t believe the burgers are a vegan product.

“There’s a whole bunch of factors that go into it,” Hillshire told

“A lot of people will say, ‘Oh, the burger looks like a cow,’ and we’ll go, ‘Well, we feed cows, and we feed beef, and it’s vegan.'”

Hillshire Farms is not the only one to make vegan burgers.

The famous burger chain Subway has been vegan for years.

The chain recently launched a new vegan burger in Australia, but it is not a Hillshire product.

Instead, the new menu item will feature a vegan cheese and a “real meat” burger, with cheese, lettuce and tomato served in a bun.

The menu item on Hillshire farms will also include a vegetarian version of the Hillshire burger, and a vegan burger with “natural” toppings.

“We’re not trying to go to the extremes,” Hill said.

“I’m not going to go in there and say that it’s a vegetarian and it doesn’t taste like beef.

It tastes like beef.”

Hillshire Farm will be serving the new burger at the Hillsea Farm Restaurant in Melbourne.

Hill said it would be served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and some sort of condiment.

He said Hillshire wanted to make the Hillshires burger “vegan-friendly”.

“It’s not vegan, but what we’re trying to do is create something that people can eat at home that tastes good,” Hillsaid.

Hillshire is a dairy-free company and has a vegan menu.

However, Hillshire does sell products made with milk, such as a cheeseburger and a burger.

Hillshires vegan burger will be available for a limited time in Melbourne on February 18.

Hillsea Farms was founded in 2000 by Paul Hill and his wife Karen.

It is owned by Hillshire, but Hillshire Foods has an independent subsidiary.

Hills said Hillsea is now committed to making the Hillscains burgers and other products vegan-friendly.

“Hillshire Foods is now more than 30 years old and has become an iconic brand in Australia,” Hillsaid.

“Our goal is to be an equal opportunity employer that is welcoming and supportive to all people.”

Hillshiave burger has been described as the world’s largest vegan burger.

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