What happens when you throw strawberries into a banana farm?

The banana farmers of South Africa have been struggling for years to produce the perfect fruit, and in recent years they’ve been forced to use genetically modified varieties of bananas.

But what happens when that same genetic material is introduced into a traditional banana farming operation?

The fruit, known as “the strawberry,” is now being grown in the banana-producing town of Mpumalanga in Mozambique.

Here’s how it works.

When you eat bananas, you’re actually eating the DNA from the plant itself, says Dr. Michael De Silva, a professor of agronomy at the University of Johannesburg and a co-author of the study.

It’s like taking a DNA fingerprint, or a fingerprint of a plant, and transforming it into a specific fruit.

When it’s grown in a banana plantation, it will look like a strawberry.

The fruit will turn dark green and brown in color, and taste similar to a regular banana.

When the genetic material from a strawberry is brought to a banana grower’s operation, the genetic blueprint will be transformed into the DNA of a strawberry plant.

The strawberry plant will then grow and produce the fruit, says De Silva.

When a strawberry farm operator grows a banana, the strawberry will be called a strawberry and the banana will be known as a banana.

This transformation is very gradual and takes a very long time.

But when a farmer is able to grow strawberries, the banana itself will also produce the genetic information.

In the next few years, there will be a small crop of strawberry plants in Mpamalanga.

“The genetic material of the strawberry plant has been changed into a strawberry that’s grown by the farmer, so that when the farmer grows another strawberry plant, the plant will produce the same genetic information as that strawberry plant,” De Silva said.

“It’s a very gradual process.”

The genetic information from the strawberry plants will be transferred to the strawberry fruit by way of a process called transgenic replication.

The process involves inserting the strawberry DNA into the genetic instructions of the banana plant, so it can then be translated into the strawberry genome.

Once the genetic data is replicated, the genetically modified strawberry plant can produce the strawberry.

“This is not a genetically modified banana plant.

It will not have the same characteristics as a regular, conventional banana,” De Sisto said.

But in the future, the transformation process could be applied to other crops, he said.

The transition to transgenic strawberry production in Mampunga was a long time coming.

The first transgenic strawberries were first planted in 2001 in Mozomba.

Since then, the Mampunana strawberry plant is expanding rapidly, producing hundreds of new strawberry plants a year.

In addition to Mampunda, another strawberry-producing area is the small town of Gwena-Nzala in the northeastern part of South African Republic.

Transgenic strawberry crops were first introduced in Mozumba in 2011, and now the strawberry farms are expanding across the country.

Transgenics are the latest technology in agriculture that uses modified genetic material to improve the yield and quality of crops.

For example, a strawberry crop could contain genes from plants that already exist in the fruit.

Transgene production technology is changing agriculture in Africa, but the impact will be felt in other areas of the world.

“Transgenics could potentially lead to a very significant impact in agriculture and food security, because of the potential to increase food production in developing countries,” De Silvas said.

Scientists say it’s difficult to predict the impact of transgenic crops on other crops.

But the research suggests that if transgenic plants are planted in the right locations, they could help to transform food security and food production around the world, according to the University’s research director, Prof. Peter Nkombe.

Transgressing genetic privacy Transgenic crops are not being used in South Africa because the government has decided not to implement a transgenic ban in the country, says Nkambe.

“There is no restriction of the introduction of transgenics in South African agriculture.

We are working with government agencies to see if we can help them with their regulatory requirements and regulations to ensure that the transgenic plant has the necessary genetic material in place,” he said in a statement.

The ban was introduced in 2008 in Mozwana, where bananas were grown extensively in the 1960s and 1970s.

Transfers of transgene information to crops are very difficult to prevent, because most people who consume bananas do not know what they are eating, Nkembe said.

However, the introduction and use of trans-genetic plants is being monitored by a national transgenic research network.

Nkumbe is now leading the project that is studying how transgenic bananas will be used in Mozumbe.

The network has established a research station, and Nkowumbe and his team are working to find ways to use the genetic engineering to enhance the yield of transgenerational

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