Which farm has been the most heavily subsidized in the U.S.?

When you think of “heavy subsidization” in the context of farm subsidies, you might think of the subsidies to feed and house livestock, but that’s not the full picture.

In fact, it’s often the other way around.

The vast majority of the money being spent on subsidies to farm animals goes to feed the livestock, rather than the farmer, a new study published in Agriculture, Economics and the Environment finds.

The researchers used USDA data from 2016 to measure the amount of money being given to feed livestock on the farms of the top 10 farm subsidies recipients.

That means the USDA doesn’t have the full story about how much farm subsidies go to feed animals, and the researchers found a lot more money going to feed than to feed them.

The authors of the new study said the USDA data is the best data available because it captures all farm subsidies in one place, rather then using different subsidies in different categories.

The study also examined the USDA’s data from previous years and found the total amount of farm subsidy money spent on livestock had grown since 2008.

The report found the average amount of subsidy money given to livestock has grown by nearly $10,000 over the past five years, while the average number of cows and calves produced by the farms in question has decreased by nearly 1,400 animals over the same time period.

That’s because farm subsidies are being given in a wide variety of ways, from crop insurance to payments to animal welfare organizations.

But the report found that much of the subsidy money being sent to feed farms goes to feeding animals that are not actually cows or calves, such as sheep, pigs, horses, and goats.

The subsidy to feed cows and other farm animals has actually decreased since 2008 as a result of the USDA ending the subsidy for grazing animals in 2016.

The USDA stopped providing subsidies to livestock in 2016 because the cost of grazing animals on farms became too expensive.

In the new analysis, the researchers took that change and looked at the total subsidy amount to feed all farm animals and livestock on farms over time.

They found that farm subsidies to meat and dairy producers have grown at a slower rate than those to feed cattle and other livestock.

The subsidies to feeding livestock have also been growing, but it’s a different story for the subsidies given to other farm types.

The average amount given to beef producers has increased $3,000 per cow, while pork producers have received $4,300.

The increase in farm subsidies for pork has been even larger, and it’s still outpacing the overall subsidy to farm animal production.

The amount of feed money being paid to farmers has actually grown at the same rate as the increase in subsidy money for meat and milk production.

But there’s been a decrease in farm subsidy for the past four years.

In 2015, USDA subsidies to pork and beef production totaled $5.9 billion.

The new analysis found the subsidy to dairy farmers totaled $1.8 billion.

By comparison, the subsidy given to poultry and eggs produced by farms in 2016 totaled $7.4 billion.

Farm subsidies for beef and pork are expected to decrease over the next five years.

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