Pumpkin farm owner pleads guilty to marijuana trafficking

Pumpkin farm owners in the U.S. are pleading guilty to trafficking marijuana, according to an indictment unsealed Wednesday.

A federal judge in Los Angeles, California, has ordered the owners of three marijuana farms and an undercover agent to be sentenced by a federal magistrate in the case, according the Associated Press.

The defendants face up to five years in prison if convicted, according prosecutors.

The defendants have not been identified.

The federal prosecution alleges that the defendants, who were operating the four-acre property, imported marijuana, which they sold at a profit, into the U, where they cultivated the plants and transported them to a warehouse in San Francisco, where a third defendant, a Texas resident, then transported them across the border to Oregon, where marijuana is sold.

The indictment says the defendants sold marijuana to a “large number of people, including individuals in the United States and elsewhere.”

Prosecutors allege that the first defendant was identified as a “significant marijuana grower” who allegedly sold marijuana in Los Feliz, California.

The second defendant was also identified as “a significant marijuana growers,” but the indictment says that the U-Haul truck that was used to transport the marijuana to Oregon is not a marijuana grow truck, and the truck’s owner did not possess a license to operate a commercial marijuana growing operation.

The third defendant was an undercover operative, who was identified in court documents as an employee of a medical marijuana dispensary.

According to the AP, the indictment includes evidence from two drug and firearms investigations, including one that led to the arrest of a San Diego man, who has pleaded guilty to importing marijuana and carrying it into the United State.

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