Duke Farms and the future of animal welfare

Duke Farms is one of the most controversial businesses on the market today.

They’ve been on the forefront of the movement against puppy mills and animal cruelty for years.

But that’s only beginning to change, thanks to the work of one Kentucky man.

A new documentary film called “Duke Farms” is taking viewers inside the world of the Duke Farms.

The film looks at the Duke Farm farm and its relationship with the animal welfare movement, including the efforts to stop the slaughter of horses, pigs, chickens, and other animals in Kentucky.

The Duke Farms Farm is located in Wayne, Kentucky, a rural part of the state where the Kentucky legislature is located.

The documentary also looks at how a new breed of horse was developed to make the Kentucky farm industry sustainable.

The Duke Farms farm has been on fire for years, but the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is stepping up to save it.

According to the state, the Duke farm has to undergo a “feral animal health and welfare inspection,” which takes place once every two years.

This is part of an effort to find ways to keep the farm safe, which the department says is necessary because of the “dramatic increase in the number of abandoned animals” that have gone missing.

In the film, we learn about the Duke Horse Rescue.

In 2018, the Kentucky Humane Society was able to rescue two rescued horses and return them to their owner.

The horses, named Charlie and James, were kept in a barn in an attempt to find a home.

They eventually found their forever home at the Virginia-based Duke Farm.

But the Duke family isn’t alone in its struggles with the cruelty of its farming methods.

The video below highlights one such incident: In 2018 a Duke farm was found to have been “unlivable,” according to the Kentucky Agricultural Board.

Duke Farms was found guilty of the infractions.

In order to prove that they weren’t in compliance with state animal welfare laws, they had to pay $200 in fines, the board said.

This wasn’t the first time that the Duke’s farm was involved in cruelty.

In 2014, a Duke Farms employee was convicted of “gross neglect of animals,” according the Kentucky Human Resources Commission.

The man had to take a year off work, but was still able to get a job as a food truck driver.

The Kentucky Humane League, a statewide animal welfare organization, is also working to save Duke Farms, and has sent a letter to the Duke board asking for more information on the Duke horses.

“We are aware that Duke Farms has a history of animal cruelty and that the organization is in need of additional oversight, and we are committed to getting to the bottom of this issue,” the letter reads.

This isn’t the only time that Duke has had to deal with animal cruelty.

Last year, a video went viral showing a worker putting a cat in a crate and then throwing it out.

The worker had also beaten a cat to death, the video went on to say.

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