Why you should buy a vertical farm

Farmer Johns Farm, one of the country’s most prolific vertical farms, has announced that it will be converting one of its vertical farms into a horizontal farm.

The company, which has more than 300 acres of vertical farms in the United States, will become the second-largest vertically farm operator in the country, according to the National Farm Bureau Federation.

The farm will be owned by Abmas Farm, a New Jersey-based company that is best known for its Vertical Harvest and Vertical Perennial Farms.

The vertical farm will have five acres of land on a plot in Washington, D.C., that is currently the only one owned by an American farmer.

The other vertical farm is owned by a German company.

Farmers are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of this conversion.

Vertical farming is a growing trend that allows farmers to grow a wide variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and to raise livestock on land that is not on the conventional row.

It also allows for a more sustainable way of doing business, said Jeff Anderson, the president of the National Farmers Union.

The transformation of the Johns farm into a vertical is a welcome move, said David Bicknell, a senior agricultural economist with the USDA’s Economic Research Service.

He said the conversion will allow farmers to continue to grow their businesses while also saving money by reducing labor costs.

Vertical farms can be useful for farmers who are not able to maintain a traditional row or farm, Bickell said.

Vertical crops also provide a greater variety of fruits and vegetables, which is important for the growing food chain.

Vertical agriculture has become a growing industry in recent years, with many vertical farms converting their land to vertical farms.

The average size of an American vertical farm in the U.S. is now less than 300,000 acres, according a 2011 report by the U-M Extension Service.

The U.N. estimates that there are now more than 3,600 vertical farms operating in the world, and a growing number of them are in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Bicklen said it was a natural fit for the John’s farm to be converted into a vertically-controlled farm.

“Vertical farming provides a lot of benefits for both the farmer and the farmer’s family,” Bicklin said.

“If you have to buy a bigger house, you can get a smaller house, too.”

The Johns family, which runs Johns Farms in New Jersey, has owned the farm for over 40 years.

“Johns has always been about helping our neighbors,” Johns said.

A vertical farm allows farmers more flexibility to grow what they want, including more variety, Binklen said.

For example, a vertical farmer can have fruit and vegetable gardens that are larger than a conventional row farm, he said.

Also, a farm that is vertical can be more sustainable because it can harvest more efficiently than a row farm.

Binklin said that the conversion of the farm will help farmers avoid some of the labor-intensive operations that are necessary to grow conventional crops.

For instance, vertical farming allows for more farm labor, he added.

“You’re able to do all of the work without having to worry about your workers, you’re able.

And you’re not worrying about all the water and pesticides and herbicides that you have in your traditional row farms,” he said, adding that the farm’s conversion to a vertical will allow the farm to keep its workers at a low level of intensity.

Johns’ conversion of its vertically-run farm into vertical farming was announced at the American Agricultural Meeting in Washington.

The event was held in conjunction with the National Urban Farm Bureau Conference.

“Our goal is to create a farm community that’s going to be truly sustainable and work toward a more green economy in the future,” John S. Johnsen, president of Johns, said in a statement.

“As a result of this agreement, we have the opportunity to focus on what we do best: delivering the finest produce in the nation to our customers and the community.”

Johns has been growing produce in Washington and at its adjacent farm in Franklin Township, New Jersey.

The Johnsen family owns the Johnsen Farm and Garden in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and operates a large variety of produce in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and other states.

The Vertical Harvest farm, which also has two other vertical farms around the country that are owned by the Johnns family, was founded in 1984.

It is a family-owned operation, and Johns operates a number of other farms in Pennsylvania.

John S Johnsen was interviewed by Vice News in 2016.

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