How much money will farmers lose?

Farmers in the US have been scrambling to get a leg up in the Brexit talks over the future of their crops, as the UK government attempts to claw back billions of pounds in farm payments that it has promised to the EU in exchange for the UK’s membership.

The US claims the UK has no right to negotiate trade terms, while the EU argues that it does, and that the UK owes it.

Both sides are now seeking to settle their disputes over payments on the EU-US trade deal.

Here’s what we know about the dispute and the farmers.

US: The US has accused the UK of “stalling” on Brexit negotiations, and has said it has no intention of withdrawing from the EU trade deal, even if the UK leaves the bloc.

This claim has been backed up by President Donald Trump, who has also repeatedly threatened to cut off UK payments if the government does not agree to negotiate the terms of Brexit.

The EU has said the UK should be given “time” to make up its mind about whether to leave the trade deal before the UK does.

Trump has previously threatened to terminate trade talks with the UK over the UK leaving the EU if it does not come to an agreement over farm payments.

US farmers are already facing a number of difficulties in negotiating with the EU, which they blame for the Brexit farm crisis.

They say the EU has not been transparent and has not provided them with information on the Brexit negotiations.

In a statement, the US Department of Agriculture said it was “continuing to work with the government of the United Kingdom to provide farmers with accurate information on their options, including on the timing and details of their negotiations.”

In response to the UK Government’s position, the Agriculture Department has published a series of guidelines for farmers, warning them that “the Government is seeking to delay the UK from completing the UK withdrawal from the European Union.

Farmers who are unable to secure the UK Agreement for Brexit negotiations to continue, should contact their local US Representative and seek assistance from the USDA.”

The Agriculture Department said it would “continue to provide assistance to farmers who have been unable to obtain a British Agreement to conclude their negotiations with the Government.”

EU: The EU wants to keep the UK in the EU’s Customs Union, but the UK is opposed to this, and is arguing that the EU is not doing enough to secure trade rights.

The two sides are locked in a legal dispute over who gets to control trade in goods that cross the EU border.

The UK is asking the EU to agree to a framework that will allow it to negotiate better trade deals with other countries.

But the EU says it will not agree, because it would have to give up trade rights with countries like France, Italy and Spain, and would lose them if it did.

The European Commission said it is “fully prepared to work through the UK with all possible speed in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our trade partners.”

The EU is also in the process of negotiating a new trade deal with Canada.

In response, the UK says that if the EU does not act quickly to resolve the dispute, it will go back to the WTO to try to enforce the UK-US agreement.

The United Kingdom also has a dispute with Ireland over its trade relationship with the island nation, and Ireland wants the UK to be able to trade with it again.

Ireland is concerned about a possible trade war, as both sides want the UK and the EU both to stay in the customs union.

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