Which NFL player would you rather see win the Heisman Trophy?

NFL Players Association President DeMaurice Smith said he believes the Heisman trophy would be “better for the game” if the players could vote on the award instead of having to make the call.

“We have to be as inclusive as we can,” Smith said on ESPN Radio’s The Jeff Van Gundy Show.

“So we’ll see what happens.

I think the Heisman is a great trophy, but I think it’s more important for us to have a conversation about what we’re doing right and what we want to be doing better in the future.”

Smith also said he supports a change in the rule that would allow players to nominate someone else for the Heisman.

The NFLPA has not ruled out a change to the current rules, but the decision to award the award is ultimately made by the players.

In addition to the potential for the players to vote for a third player, the vote would be open to a number of other candidates.

“It’s just one more thing,” Smith told Van Gundyr.

“But we’re going to have to make sure that our candidates are in line with what we believe in.

I mean, it’s not just about the players, it is about our players as well.

It’s about what they’re saying on the field, what they do off the field and what they say to the community.”

Smith said that in addition to having the Heisman on the ballot, the league would also be holding an open mic night to address the impact of the drug and alcohol epidemic on college football players.

Smith also addressed the recent news that a number NFL players had used performance-enhancing drugs, saying the league is not going to give in to that.

“I think it is the wrong time to take a step back and let that happen,” Smith concluded.

We’ve got to keep talking to them. “

You can’t put them on the wrong path.

We’ve got to keep talking to them.

We have to keep teaching them the right things.

“And I think that’s the biggest thing we can all do is make sure we are not taking these drugs and that we are doing things right. “

“That’s the most important thing that we have to do right at this time.””

That’s the most important thing that we have to do right at this time.”

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