Farmer’s market in Montana goes to town: ‘It’s just so damn good’

The farmer’s market on the outskirts of Montana’s capital, Missoula, has a happy ending for shoppers and the people in it, but not for the animals.

The event was supposed to run until 5 p.m.

Sunday and ended up going into a two-hour shutdown due to the snow.

The city of Missoulac announced it would close down the fairgrounds in order to accommodate the event, and some stores have already been closed for the duration of the snowstorm.

The farmers market, located on the main drag of the Fairmount Mall, is an annual event that attracts thousands of people, but is the only annual event in Montana.

The fair has been running for more than a century, but the city of Montana decided to close it down after a snowstorm in 2017.

The city of Mt.

Vernon was also forced to close its fairgrounds because of the event last year.

The Fairmount Farmers Market closed last year, and in 2017, it also went through a closure, after a storm in which some people were killed.

A snowstorm on the mountain in Missoulae, Mont., on Saturday, March 2, 2017.

(Photo: Ryan Garza, AP)”The event had a lot of goodwill, but unfortunately there are a lot more people who are out here than are in the market,” said Scott Purdy, director of communications for the Missoulas Fairmount Market.

“It’s really hard for us, we’re not even in the same ballpark as the farmers market that we had last year.”

The city closed the fairground because of a winter storm in 2017 that caused widespread damage to property and caused significant disruptions to the fair.

Purdy said the city is hoping to reopen the fair this year.

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